Plant Service / Repairs / Maintenance Work

Within the scope the customers also will be informed on new technological developments and experiences from other plants

Specially WtE plants are subject to many thermal and chemical influences. These influences affect, among other things, the used materials, such as grate coating, superheaters etc. Based on periodically carried out revisions the plants will be put out of operation after determined operating cycles, analysed and the revision extent defined together with the customer.

Service always has been of utmost importance for us. We offer over the whole lifetime of the plants supplied by us or of the existing plants of third parties our support for revisions and maintenance work. As requested by the customer and according to the tasks to be performed, this work will be carried out:

  • Completely by our staff
  • By the staff of the customer together with our staff
  • By the staff of the customer under the supervision of a specialist

In each of these cases the customer only will have one contact. The responsibility for the carrying out of the work and the observance of the delivery times agreed upon will remain with us. A final report will document the work done. It will list the installed spare and wear parts and provide recommendations for the further operation.

The efficiency of the plant will be maintained

We also offer maintenance contracts. They will cover periodical work, such as revisions, repairs, the supply of spare parts etc. within a clear cut framework and will include also the staff required for these tasks.

In case of any damage occurring we will be in a position to provide at short notice and without many formalities staff and equipment. The personnel required will be provided by our experienced assembly staff.