Restoration Biomass Power Plant / ORC Plants

From a model project to a restoration case

Most power plants on the market today do not meet current technical standards and most builders are guided solely by the investment price. In Germany, for example, there are more than 100 biomass- and wood-fired power plants in the range of 5 to 50 MWth. We are mainly speaking of plants with grate firing, half of which have gone bankrupt in the meantime, while the other half face serious technical problems and the corresponding effects on overall profitability.

Due to insufficient experience of the sector, however, problem solutions are only available to a limited extent, as no long-term experience exists, since they stem only in a few cases from classical power plant technology, which has been intensively developed.

Guarantee of profitability only by implementing comprehensive restructuring measures
On the basis of our long-term experience, we carry out comprehensive restructuring measures that ensure that the plant complies with the latest and best state-of-the-art technology. It is only possible in some exceptional cases for operators to economically operate and thus ensure survival of the existing locations without the adjustment of essential technical overall conditions.

Interruptions of operations affect profitability

Technological advancements in this sector have not, however, been able to cope with the accelerating speed of growth. There is still a great need for further development in the case of some individual system components, as the operating safety is not sufficiently guaranteed. Interruptions of operations and shutdowns are the rule and seriously jeopardize the complete business plan.

Wood - a complicated fuel

Contrary to general opinion, wood is not a simple, long since meticulously researched mono fuel, such as oil or gas, but rather a very difficult and diverse fuel. All components have to be properly harmonized; otherwise, such a project may end in an economic disaster, as experience has shown!