Rehabilitation / Revamping / Renovation

The requirements WtE plants have to satisfy in these days are enormous

Only specialists with a long experience and a powerful team aligned to the requirements are in a position to cope with the maximum demand for operation of the plant or efficiency and high availability.

Whether public or private plant users, they all entrust us, from the situation analysis, renovation recommendations, general revision to engineering, realization with commissioning and the final project documentation, with the realization of their projects.

For complete solutions as well as for example for optimization projects or repairs, in particular also a high quality of all components is a further basic precondition. Of course the services of our company also will satisfy these demands.

High quality of all components

The efficiency of each WtE plant in essence is characterized by the factors of availability and operating safety. For these reasons especially in the field of combustion engineering it is the aim of our comprehensive technical services to avoid unnecessary standstills and to shorten programmed standstills.

We offer services on the highest level. Modern manufacturing facilities guarantee a high quality and safety standard. We offer our engineering knowledge also in the field of plant optimization, reconstruction and repairs.