Modernization / Optimization / Reconstruction

Our special attention being focused on the objective to ensure during the reconstruction work a troubleless operation of the remaining plant parts

Due to more stringent environmental standards as well as changing operating parameters, for many users it becomes a necessity to modernize the existing plants. We advise the customers on the required actions to be taken. By an extended plant survey all interfaces will be defined with the customer.

Based on the information thereby collected the exact sequence of work, realization times, deployment of personnel end equipment will be planned. Our experienced assembly team is responsible for the carrying out of a wide range of reconstruction or optimization and modernization projects.

We gladly place this knowledge to the disposal of our customers

As experience shows WtE plants have a lifetime of 25>30 years, often even longer. During this period some modernization of the plant results necessary. This is due to the most varied reasons:

  • Adjustment to new laws
  • Adjustment to technical developments/improvements
  • Adjustment to new requirements the plant has to satisfy (calorific power, pollutants, energy uncoupling etc.)
  • Replacement of parts/components
  • Optimization of the plant for operation/maintenance
  • Increase of the capacity of the plant
  • etc.

We are experienced in the construction and operation of plants. We perform an extensive research and development program.