Research & Development

However in spite of this there are always new challenges which require peremptory new developments and improvements

The waste incineration on a grate or other combustible on fluidized bed combustion is a proven technology by the use over various decennials. More stringent requirements regarding emission limit values, the quality of the produced residues, a changing combustible composition are only a few examples. A better use of the energy contained and the optimization of the plant operation are further challenges the plant construction has to meet.

We confront these tasks and have been maintaining for a couple of years an extensive research and development program, in cooperation with research institutions and with our partner companies. Tests close to practical applications are carried out in laboratories, in research facilities or in existing plants.

Essential points of interest of our actual research and development activities:

  • Innovative process engineering;
  • grate combustion with an electrical net efficiency close to 38%
  • Two stages stationary fluidized bed combustion with gasification
    an electrical net efficiency close to 40%
  • Measures to increase the energy efficiency
  • Plant technologies min. 8.000 full load hours
  • Combustion system for combustible fractions with a high calorific power
  • Lifetime increase of grate coating for air/water cooled grates