Contracting / operator

Provision / Supply of Energy

Contractors/Executing Companies for power, heat, cold, compressed air etc. are companies entrusted with a specific task and having been founded for this purpose. Normally these are non-sovereign tasks of public entities, e.g. construction and operation of a power plant at own risk and expenses based on long-term contracts.

Also the energy consuming industries, due to the continuously increasing energy prices, are looking for solutions to guarantee a long-term, efficient energy supply at competitive cost as well as for a competitive disposal of the residues produced during the production process.

We offer an efficient technical solution for the energy recovery on the spot. This avoids high disposal expenses and allows for decreasing the energy cost. The profitability of the plant, compared to the cost of the conventional disposal and the provision of energy by third parties, is guaranteed.

Manufacture, financing and management

We build and operate the power plant at own risk and expenses based on long-term contracts with our customers. The common goal is to achieve economic and ecological advantages by a more efficient energy generation and storage. Normally the contractor will invoice the energy quantities handed over at a defined point and measured at it by means of quantity counters, including expenses of the contractor for construction, financing, maintenance, primary energy purchase and operation.

Financing and the operating risk will remain with us. This type of contracting is coupled with plant management contracting. Normally the power plants remain the property of the contract holder and will be financed by the latter. We will be responsible for the trouble-free operation of the plants. Generally the invoicing will take place on a lumpsum basis according to the work done or the services rendered. This type of contracting mostly will be applied in cases where a trouble-free operation is essential, e.g. to generate the energy required for production plants.