Water-cooled wear wall

Efficient method for avoidance slag build in the combustion chamber
The wear wall constitutes is a significant element in the furnace, works as a seal and expansion option towards the boiler. It is a wear-resistant, slag-resistant wall with large heat absorption in the furnace's most heavily used zone.

Has been developed to reduce uncooled refractory lining. The disadvantage of uncooled refractory lining is that large amounts of slag build and can hinder waste flow and thereby significantly influence the combustion process. In the worst case, this can result in instantly operational stoppages.

  • Advantages:
  • Absorbs as radiant energy approx. 100 KW/m², can receive until to 3 MW of extra energy
  • No slag deposits as the wear wall is relatively cold, <250°C
  • Heat absorption is high and reduces the furnace temperature
  • Replaces the refractory lining in the system's most heavily used area and has a longer life than refractory lining
  • Operational stoppages due to slag removal are not required

  • Utilization heat absorption
  • Connected in circulation with the boiler drum
  • Used for air or condensation preheater
  • Used for district heating
  • This coupling increases the overall efficiency of the plant