Water-cooled grate incineration

Precisely primary air feed and distribution control =
Better combustion and grate cooling

The expansion compensation is located in the corresponding lateral area of the grate, carried out as water-cooled lateral expansion case with spring packages and integrated into the cooling water system. Besides that, the operator controls the primary air feed and distribution less than he thinks as a large part flows off, what it should not do, without being used through the lateral expansion slot between grate bar and side wall.

Through the gaps between the grate and side plates, the combustion air distribution is adversely affected, since a significant portion passes over the fuel into the combustion chamber. Furthermore, lack of air content for the cooling of the grate covering.

The cooling of the grate bars has a lot of influence on the lifetime. Due to the high material temperature of the air-cooled grate bars, the latter have an increased expansion tendency. According to the different expansion development along the grate, caused by the different thermal loads, the lateral rating closures should be of a flexible design.

This effect is less important in the case of water-cooled grate. Water-cooled grate bars show due to the intense cooling and thus a more uniform material temperature, less expansion, but nevertheless a lateral expansion compensation should be applied.