Our team

Our staff are the most treasured resource in our company
A talented, international team consisting of technical experts and managers with extensive experience is in our employ. Their experience is based on a wide range of projects and real-life operating conditions. Together, our experts constitute the changing factor necessary for opening new perspectives. They will be able to optimize the performance of your plant with new ideas and concepts.

Technical experts and managers with extensive experience
Their knowledge of state-of-the-art and future technologies, their long-term experience, their enthusiasm and commitment to our customers all serve to generate confidence. From the detailed study through complete realization up to commissioning, you can fully rely on our competence in project management.

We will gladly assist you afterwards with the implementation of operating procedures or undertake the operational management of your plant. Our experts are as well versed in the field of process technology for energy systems as in the areas of design and construction. We possess the required specialist skills to be able to tackle your specific challenges.

Technical scientific advisory committee
We have former plant managers with a wealth of knowledge and experience in our ranks, managers who know exactly what is important in power plant operation. Thus, access to knowledge and knowledge transfer are ensured for several years.

Experience accumulated over the past decades is constantly compared with the latest findings
A highly-qualified team is responsible for ongoing development. All our experience taken together and combined with a high standard of quality ensures a superior technical and cost-effective concept.

By constantly adapting our designs, we have acquired a significant competitive edge in know-how. Above and beyond mere plant engineering and construction, we consider ourselves as service providers for our customers. Our high level of expertise when it comes to technical issues makes us popular as consultants and we maintain our position as a market leader with our trailblazing innovations.