Shredder / Waste cutter / Disruptor

The decisive process step prior to the proper combustion is crushing the combustible to the a defined size in order to guarantee an efficient, uniform combustion process.

An efficient material treatment requires a perfectly working technology
For crushing household waste and refuse-derived fuels to an optimum size with regard to the combustion and transport behavior on the grate, crushers with reduced wear and excellent maintenance friendliness have been developed. We can offer for nearly each application the optimum machine, including special accessories or equipment etc. Our flexibility permits also the quick realization of customer specific requirements by special designs

  • Development, manufacture
  • Installation proposals, plant concepts
  • Cost and energy cost determination
  • Commissioning, service
  • Customer training, technical assistance
  • Spare part service, maintenance


Electronically controlled operation of the single driven shafts. At idling or reaching the load limit they change the direction of rotation and continue to work in opposite direction. Each shaft is equipped with a gear and a hydraulic control motor. The drive is connected with a control unit whose pre-selectable application programs, as function of the garbage, are optimized specifically for the fully automatic operation.

  • High performance
  • Minimum dust production
  • Reduced wear
  • Very low noise emission
  • No danger of throw-off
  • No danger of fire

At crushing the shafts at normal operation operate in opposite direction, however at different speed. In order to obtain high throughput values, we have developed special cutting tools for these application areas. The machinery can be used universally for crushing a diversity of materials. The quick and simple discharge of objects that cannot be crushed via a flap for indigestible material guarantees a high availability.