Solutions and optimisation

Improvements to availability, increases in service life and keeping maintenance costs to the minimum are our main goals
From our experience we know that using instant data is simply not sufficient for optimising operating processes. This is why we have developed our own program of control, in which very large datasets from typical data control systems are downloaded and this information is converted into a report that can be analysed, so that the improvement potential presented can be exploited without delay.

If it is demonstrated that there is a need for action or if there is potential for optimising performance, we know exactly where we need to target our expertise to achieve extensive checks. This allows us to identify problems and their causes, so that effective solutions can be found and tailored to the customer.

  • Analysis of the status quo, suggestions for optimisation
  • Engineering for measures for improvements
  • Design for process engineering
  • Feedback from operations experience for continuing development

As a result of working with major operators we can offer a wealth of practical experience This means we are in a position to develop solutions that stem from the best plants and are based on our own databases with tested operating results. Our profound understanding of the processes, the technologies used and the factors relating to the specific situation afford us the relevant professional skills and expertise that will give you the greatest possible benefit.

Use of established methods
In line with our method, we first draw up a diagnosis of the present level of performance and determine the goal for optimisation accordingly. Then we create a summary based on one or more selected best solutions, with recommendations as to how the gap should be closed. As your project progresses, these recommendations are incorporated in our general optimisation process, in order to be able to calculate the financial optimum between investment costs and long-term performance.