Hydraulic grate drive

Centralized Driving
Energy consumption and energy cost substantially can be reduced by a centralized drive station. The maintenance is simpler and less time consuming, the spare parts inventory and thus the capital expenditure is lower.

The drive for the water-cooled grate zones on the main incineration grate, the air-cooled zone on the post-combustion grate, the pusher, the layer height limiter and the shut-off valve in the fuel hopper chute are powered by the same hydraulic unit. All hydraulic parts in the system are controlled centrally, by means of the hydraulic unit in constant interaction with the combustion control system.

Grate drive speed spectrum with an error less than 1%.
Distance measurement system the position signal of which is used for calculating the traveling speed. The drive axes can be displaced by a digital controller module according to the input signal from the control room. The required grate stroke can be set by freely definable commuting points. Possibility of remote query with digital controller module.

The hydraulic drive unit with oil pump and oil tank. The pump, tank and valve blocks are bolted to form one unit. The oil tank is fitted with an aperture for cleaning, oil level indicator, return filter and oil temperature monitor.