Research and development work

Improvements in idle times and operating procedures and optimisation of useful life as a result of ongoing studies and examinations
Our engineers and planners are constantly conducting studies and developing new generations of stronger, higher-performance materials, new forms and new compounds in collaboration with users and operators, using the information they obtain from them and taking into account the ever more complex requirements for function and the fuels being processed.

Thanks to our broad experience and knowledge in the field of incineration, we manage to achieve continual improvements in material and custom manufacturing. Our objective is to improve the useful life, idle times and operating sequences and thus to generate a reduction in costs for the operator and hence greater satisfaction.

Our goal
The aim of our research and development work is to create the key conditions for our customers to achieve maximum availability of the system and simultaneously keep costs low.

  • The highest possible availability for your plant
  • Keeping risk of idle times to a minimum
  • Optimisation of operating costs
  • Less idle time thanks to constant monitoring of status and
  • exchange of information with our customers or plant operators
  • Improved planning of resources and costs with respect to technical aspects and staff
  • Permanent access to our engineering expertise