Combustion capacity & rate control

Central element of the modern combustion technology
Freely parameterizable and thus suitable for optimum adaptation to changes in the fuel. From our experience we know that combustion control systems can have a great effect on firing capacity both in the long and medium term. The benefit of custom-designed and custom-constructed incineration control systems is demonstrated clearly by energy sales, emissions figures, by wear etc. and above all in the performance of the plant overall.

Waste incineration plants are rated as power plants with regard to process engineering and systems engineering. Instrumentation and control must be designed accordingly. All the operator requirements must be satisfied, when it comes to both the working order of operating and monitoring functions as well as the flexibility and adaptability of software programming. Introduction of electronic reporting with appropriate software helped increased productivity of the entire plant significantly.

  • The following parameters are controlled:
  • Length fire combustion
  • Fuel feed quantity
  • Conveying speed of the fuel in the various grate zones
  • Combustion air quantity
  • Primary/secondary air quantity distribution
  • Air quantity distribution on the various grate zones

  • Process engineering:
  • Solutions for automation of combustion control systems
  • Modernization and adaptation of air/water-cooled grate systems
  • High levels of expert knowledge and practically oriented research and development
  • Improved waste throughput thanks to optimised volumes for flue gas
  • Increase in amount of steam / reduced steam fluctuation
  • Savings in additional fuel / auxiliary firing
  • Positive effect on grate surface / longer service life