Spare parts service & management

Development, optimisation and manufacture of heat, abrasion and wear-resistant components
Systems and components for e.g. grate bars/grate coatings/protective shells/protective moulds, lateral facing plates, diverse parts for charging and slag removal etc., air and/or water-cooled, for Waste-to-Energy & RDF plants, waste incinerations plants, etc.

We work in close collaboration with the operators of Energy plants in order to constantly improve applications, the composition of alloys and versions of parts for each respective type of material that is to be incinerated. We supply a broad range of products.

Manufacture of all parts for grate incineration from waste feed through to the grate and the ash discharger
Our centralised spare parts management makes it possible to guarantee high availability. We can advise you when deciding on spare parts packages for specific plants and also on individual spare parts. Here we bundle your orders and design customised packages to ensure uninterrupted production and for emergencies.

These make a not inconsiderable contribution to reducing procurement processes and in ensuring the availability of systems among other things. Apart from sales we also offer a repair and exchange service for spare parts.

Breakdown repairs with or without service
Our spare parts service means being able to take full advantage of our portfolio of customer-oriented services. Rapid delivery, and if required: expert opinions, planning, management and execution of assembly included and/or a full service contract.

Our technical staff with knowledge of the particular system are specialised in this type of assignment, from the detailed engineering through to calculating the shortest procedure, optimisation of the logistical sequence right down to full monitoring from shutdown to starting up the system.

  • This is what you can expect from our service
  • optimisation of operating sequences
  • long-term reduction in costs
  • minimum interruption of production lines
  • manufacture of all parts for a system
  • improvement in functionality and idle times
  • optimisation of useful life