Charging equipment

The waste is uniformly dosed to the combustion grate. This is a basic prerequisite for an optimum combustion.
The grate is charged by a multi-part, so-called pusher. It is mounted on a grate carriage powered by hydraulic cylinders. Control is via the combustion control system. Thanks to the pitch of the pusher it is possible to balance uneven loads resulting from the fuel. The pusher is water-cooled at the front. The water-cooled layer height limiter is mounted over the fuel discharge.

Burn-back prevention ensured
This is designed as a multi-part, thermally insulated, (water-cooled) pusher. The individual pushers can be lowered if charging is interrupted and they then separate the remaining fuel for charging from the combustion chamber. This ensures burn-back prevention, which takes effect upon shut-down or emergency stop.

As the layer height limiter cannot be shut completely for reasons of safety, burn-back prevention is achieved in combination with the extended pusher.

The height of the layers of fuel material can be regulated across the entire width of the grate using the pusher, the height of whose parts can be adjusted as required. This helps balance possible unevenness caused by different fuel properties. The pusher can then be partly lowered. The height level limiter also has hydraulic drive.

In the event of a fire, the fuel pusher is fully extended and the level height limiter is lowered. Simultaneously the fire is extinguished with water for fire-fighting via the height level limiter.