Consulting / Engineering

An expert eye for weak points in the operational process
After prolonged periods of operation the demands on a plant or the conditions for your operation can change. Experienced, highly qualified engineers examine your existing process engineering and procedures with an expert eye for weak points in the operational process. This is how potential can be discovered and maximum plant availability can be ensured for the long term. As an experienced company in plant engineering and construction with a professional consulting service, we are in a position to implement directly any potential for improvements that has been determined in the analysis, as you require it.

  • Technical consulting, fault analysis, suggestions for improvement
  • Determine the current status of plants
  • Optimisation of operations and processes
  • Concepts for new construction, modernisation and revamping

In order to remain profitable it is vital that the plant operates at maximum availability. In this regard, routine checks and plant modernisation are absolutely essential.

Know-how that guarantees successful completion of projects

Our company's core competence is engineering for waste-to-energy and RDF plants. As a company that is deliberately specialised and team-oriented, we are there to support our customers with the best possible application of our expertise, practical knowledge and commitment.

Where project management, planning, construction and operation as well as maintenance of complex plants are concerned, increasingly the demand is for full service from the initial to the final stage. Whether your interest lies in new construction, expansion, modernisation or optimisation: our experts are there to help you with their many years of extensive, accumulated experience in the construction of efficient plants, designed to be up-to-date tomorrow too.

Expert reports

As a preliminary stage in planning systems for process engineering, consulting assumes a high priority in order to optimise existing processes. The outlay for planning and design can be minimised by an accurate understanding of the type of tasks, objectives and choice of appropriate procedures.

Planning and project management

The range of services encompasses all aspects of planning. Advance planning with feasibility studies and cost estimates, drafting of blueprints and execution, or detailed planning are tailored to your wishes and requirements.